Master Course in Prevention and Management of Esthetic Implant Failures

Implant Dentistry

Datum:28. Februar 2018 - 2. März 2018

Prof. Dr. D. Buser, Dept. of Oral Surgery, zmk bern, University of Bern
Prof. Dr. U. C. Belser, Dept. of Crown and Bridge Prosthetics and Occlusion, University of Geneva
Prof. Dr. A. Sculean, Dept. of Periodontology, zmk bern, University of Bern
Prof. Dr. D. Bosshardt, Robert K. Schenk Laboratory for Oral Histology, zmk bern, University of Bern
Prof. Dr. Thomas von Arx, Dept. of Oral Surgery and Stomatology, zmk bern, University of Bern
PD. Dr. Vivianne Chappuis, Dept. of Periodontology, zmk bern, University of Bern
Course objectives
In the past several years, esthetic implant failures have significantly increased. Most of these failures are caused by poor treatment quality of involved clinicians. The most important causes for esthetic failures are mal positioned implants, the utilization of oversized implants, the wrong number of implants, surgical protocols which overstress the healing potential of patients, or cemented implant restorations, which can induce peri-implant infections due to excess of cement.
This new Ce course will present a comprehensive overview how esthetic failures can be prevented and how they are treated. Besides more than 10 lectures, 4 to 6 live surgeries will be presented to document important steps of therapy.

SAC-Classification: Class A+C (advanced and complex).

• Potential causes of esthetic implant failures
• How to remove failed implants in the esthetic zone
• Timing of implant therapy following the removal of failed implants
• Soft tissue grafting techniques in cases of failed implants
• Well documented surgical protocols for implant placement in a correct 3D position, combined with simultaneous Contour Augmentation using GBR
• Well documented prosthetic protocols for implant restorations in esthetic zone
• Single tooth replacement vs. extended edentulous spaces
• The power of pink ceramics to correct vertical tissue deficiencies
• 4 to 6 live surgeries

Course type
Theoretical and practical course with live surgeries (total of 25 CE credit hours)
Language: English
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