ITI Education Week Hong Kong

Datum:12. August 2018 - 17. August 2018

This six-day Education Week addresses the general dental practitioner as well as the specialist and postgraduate student in his/her last year of training with an interest in comprehensive dental care. Combining daily seminars with hands-on training, live surgeries and daily case presentations and discussions in working groups, the goal of this intensive program is to merge theory and practice and allow participants to master comprehensive treatment planning with dental implants.

Great emphasis is placed on the planning of surgical and restorative interventions, as well as patient maintenance and mastering biological and technical complications. Aspects of treatment planning, surgical and restorative procedures will be approached from a theoretical and practical perspective, while a day will be devoted to the prevention, diagnosis and management of complications as well as the identification of the interactions between technical and biological factors that lead to failures.

Besides approximately 20 lectures that cover the most up-to-date aspects of the clinical practice, an evidence-based treatment philosophy is offered. Hands-on exercises in the newly established SIM laboratory of the Faculty of Dentistry round off the course in order to provide the necessary skills for advanced restorative and surgical procedures in implant dentistry and related fields (guided bone regeneration, piezoelectric surgery, immediate temporary restorations). Bone augmentation and sinus floor elevation using modern materials will also be practiced in the SIM Lab. Two live surgery sessions will allow participants to see the complete procedure and interact with the surgeons in real time. The course will include three hands-on sim-lab and two live surgery sessions.

To promote friendship and collegial discussions, most of the late afternoons and evenings will be spent together in the proximity of Prince Philip Dental Hospital exploring the beauty and culinary specialties of Hong Kong. Visit at Victoria Peak, an evening on Lamma Island and a trip to the famous Stanley market accompanied by a meal will serve to create fine memories of this lively and vibrant city. Spouses and partners are welcome to these social events, which will leave them free to experience the unlimited shopping facilities of Hong Kong during the day.