Long ­term effects of orthodontic intervention

Kursleitung: Prof. C. Verna, Klinik für Pediatric Oral Health

Datum:23. Mai 2019, 11:30 - 19:30 Uhr
Orthodontists want to make their patients happy and they are rightly proud of the results they can achieve for their patients. Each orthodontist knows that after treatment we face a new challenge and the question arises «will it be stable ?» and «how to retain the result ?» Post-treatment changes are a fact of life. Patients, often have other expectations, as they expect stability for many years, if not for life, after investing so much time, effort, and money in their orthodontic treatment. If orthodontic treatment is to benefit the patient the advantage it offers should outweigh the potential disadvantages and risks. We still have to realize that orthodontic treatment is based on the biological principle that a change in the biomechanical environment of the tooth causes a biological response in the periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone, which results in tooth displacement. This course will dig into the good and the bad side of orthodontics and will try to give a perspective for the future.
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